Summit at Sea
November 9-12, 2016



Wellness Session Snapshots


Esther Perel on Coupledom and Intimacy in the Age of the Clintons and Trumps

This year’s presidential election has brought marital relationships to the forefront of national discourse. While Donald and Melania’s relationship is a reflection of the father-as-breadwinner gender role that has long been a pillar of American culture, Hillary and Bill exemplify a very different dynamic. (Pundits still don’t know what to call the husband of a Madam President: the First Mister?). Join therapist and relationship expert Esther Perel as she explores concepts of love, infidelity, and marriage through lens of politics.  

Kristina Macias.png

The Primal Workout with Kristina Macias

Expect to work hard and build true strength using your body, mind, and gravity. From planks to crawls, hangs to push-ups, pistol squats to deadlifts, you will learn to move slowly and build strength through conscious movement and breath.


Out of Our Heads and Into Our Bodies
Lama Rod Owens

This embodiment-based mindfulness meditation invites us back into our bodies to establish a firmer sense of balance, stability, and connectedness with ourselves and those around us. The practice teaches us how to create space between our thoughts and our actions.


The 5Rhythms Moving Meditation
Kate Shela

Dance can be a cathartic workout. The 5Rhythms is a moving meditation practice that explores how energy moves through the world and through our bodies and is capable of creating a feeling of powerful transcendence and connection.  


Surrender, Trust, and Sexual Spirituality
David Deida

Bestselling author of The Way of the Superior Man and Dear Lover, David Deida continues to light the way to a fuller expression of our unique purpose in love and in life. David teaches that in order to offer our deepest gifts—whether it’s in bed, with our art, or through our work—we must surrender openly and trust in the unknowable nature of humanity. This series of spontaneous teachings, new insights, and question-and-answer sessions will help you relax, illuminate that which we tend to keep hidden, and create an authentic “yoga of intimacy” throughout your days and nights.


Prana Vinyasa
Shiva Rea

Take a yogic journey through Flow to greater embodiment, vitality, and connection. Participants will experience a full-spectrum practice, bringing increased creative fulfillment, fluidity, satisfaction in the soul, and passion and compassion in the heart.


Flying Thai Massage: Achieving Gravitational Bliss
Jason Nemer

In this session, participants will learn both how to receive and support a Flying Thai Massage. Students will practice the foundational poses of therapeutic flying, the two leg positions a “receiver” must know, and various yoga stretches and restorative poses that “the base” will bring the flyer into, as well as concepts like thumbing, palming, harmonics, and trigger points that elevate any therapeutic flight. Giving, receiving, and balancing one another is the dance.