Summit at Sea
November 9-12, 2016
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The voyage


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An immersive experience. For three days, attendees chart their own course of learning and discovery through a diverse program designed to connect and inspire. 






The surreal setting of the ship, open sea, and island set the stage for thought-provoking discussions, musical performances, dynamic activities, and powerful shared experiences. 










Structured as a choose your own adventure, attendees navigate through five different types of immersive experiences throughout their journey.







Intellectual discourse

This year's content is designed and developed around the core idea of bringing together the wisdom and archetypal leadership from some of the world's most dynamic creatives and thought leaders. Widely diverse subject matter is framed around one-on-one conversations, beachside chats, deep dives into emerging sciences and industries, roundtable discussions, and integrated workshops.




Activities & wellness

World-renowned athletes, healers, scientists, and adventurists offer attendees diverse and participatory activities on their three-day journey; while a focus on wellness, spirituality, and personal growth encourages attendees to step out of their comfort zones and make meaningful connections with those around them.






Musical performances

With our most diverse and eclectic selection of talented musicians to date, this year's musical journey spans a massive array of genres, providing a unique sound for every attendee's taste.






Culinary Excursions

As Summit’s new culinary director, restaurateur and food activist Jeffrey Zurofsky has sourced the highest quality, grass-fed, humane, and antibiotic and hormone free ingredients for the voyage.  He has brought on a world-class team of talented chefs, restaurateurs, and mixologists to take over all of the eateries and pop-up experiences aboard the ship and on the island.



Interactive Art Installations

Summit at Sea features an immersive art experience woven throughout the ship, island, stages and story. We've collaborated with some of the most exciting contemporary artists of our generation, deepening the narrative of the experience through visual expression and interactive installations.