Summit at Sea
November 9-12, 2016



How do the world’s greatest athletes do what they do? What drives Olympians’ dreams? How do we all overcome the fears, doubts, and pains that keep us from reaching our physical and mental potential?

To answer these questions, we’ve gathered true superhumans, from competitive superstars to legendary coaches to bleeding-edge scientists. Here, they share their hard-earned secrets, enabling you to optimize your own path to peak performance.

Snapshots of Select Superhumanification Sessions


Feel No Pain: Secrets to Mastering the Body and Mind, with Wim Hof

When Wim Hof climbs Everest, he does it in shorts. He runs marathons in the Namib desert--without water, just to keep things interesting. Hof’s mastery of oxygen and temperature regulation have helped him capture 21 Guinness World Records, and today he’s the go-to guy for performance junkies and moguls from big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton to music icon Rick Rubin. In this discussion, Wim will share secrets to improving the ability to reason under pressure, maintain body control in stressful situations, and achieve seemingly impossible goals.


Foil In D-Major: Fencing, with Olympic Medalist Miles Chamley-Watson

Miles Chamley-Watson is a two-time Olympic Bronze Medalist in fencing as well as America’s first and only Senior World Champion. With breathtaking technical skills and unforgettable flair, he’ll share his philosophy that fencing is a combination of chess and boxing and teach a fencing 101 clinic. Participants will learn the basic concepts and moves. A few lucky—or unlucky?—students can test their skills and try to score a touch on an Olympian.


Living Longer, Possibly Much Longer—But What About Quality of Life?

The prospect of radically bumping up lifespan through breakthroughs in science is thrilling to some, unsettling to others. In an era when gene editing, regeneration of organs using stem cells, and bionics seem on the cusp of pushing the boundaries of how long we’re on the earth, what would living to age 125, or 150, or (far) beyond really mean for you, your friends, and your family? What is the promise of the science? How do we ensure that longer lives are healthier and more meaningful lives? To provide insight and answer our questions, pioneering MIT longevity researcher Lenny Guarente will tell us what’s possible with the science; Alexandra Drane of the Eliza Corporation will delve into end-of-life issues and “unmentionables” like depression and relationship anxiety; and we’ll hear from renowned cardiologist, diet-lifestyle expert, and author Dean Ornish. The event will be moderated by journalist David Ewing Duncan, author of When I’m 164: The Science of Radical Life Extension and What Happens If It Succeeds.


You, Freediver: What It Takes to Dive Hundreds of Feet Below the Sea

Kirk Krack is widely considered the planet’s foremost educator in the sport of freediving, which has swimmers descending to great depths under the water on a single breath of air. He has instructed special-forces units, Red Bull athletes, Tom Cruise (for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation), and magician David Blaine, as well as his wife, Mandy-Rae, who has set seven world records and now teaches with Kirk at Performance Freediving International. Together, they will present the stunning biological adaptations that allow elite athletes to swim hundreds of feet down into the darkness—and allow normal humans like you to go deeper than you ever imagined. Attendees of this session might learn to hold their breath for up to three minutes.


Battle on the Beach, with Olympic Gold Medal Volleyball Star Kerri Walsh Jennings and Casey Jennings

Grab your neon zinc. Fresh from the sand in Rio, three-time gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings and her husband, professional volleyball player Casey Jennings, break down the secrets to competing at the highest level of sport. From physical training and mental preparation to teamwork and discipline, the keys to winning are the same both on and off the court. Legendary sports agent Leonard Armato will moderate the discussion, then Kerri and Casey will invite you onto the sand for the ultimate beach volleyball tournament.  


Golden Girl: The Fast Times and Astonishing Endurance of Olympic Legend Dara Torres

In the 2008 Beijing Games, Dara Torres captured three silver medals at age 41, destroying long-held notions of what older athletes are capable of achieving. It was the capstone to a remarkable career spanning five Olympics over 24 years: 12 medals, three world records, the oldest swimmer ever to compete in the Games. Add to that giving birth to a daughter in 2006. Few athletes in history have done more to inspire us or make us rethink the limits of human potential. Dara recounts her long ride and presents a compelling case for the idea that age and experience are the greatest of advantages.