Summit at Sea
November 9-12, 2016



The answers to today’s riddles are found in the experiences and stories of history. In Origins, you will be taken on a journey back through the centuries that examines the foundations of society, music, culture, and religion.

Speakers and conversations will demonstrate how historical events and indigenous practices have shaped our present-day communities and even the most sophisticated ways we now interact with one another. We all seek something deeper, richer, and wiser.

To know the way forward, you have to understand where you came from.

Snapshots of Select Origins Sessions


Christopher Ryan On the Orgiastic Origins of Human Sexuality

A fig leaf can hide many things, but a human erection isn’t one of them. The standard narrative of the origins and nature of human sexuality claims to explain the development of a deceitful, reluctant sort of monogamy. According to this oft-told tale, heterosexual men and women are pawns in a proxy war directed by their opposed genetic agendas. The whole catastrophe, we’re told, results from basic biology: men want to spread their seed, while women strive to rope in a provider. But according to Christopher Ryan, the author of New York Times bestseller Sex at Dawn, this is a false, politically driven narrative that generates needless conflict and suffering. A non-moralistic examination of human sexual evolution shows that Homo sapiens is the most sexual mammal on earth, that the so-called “war between the sexes” is totally unnecessary, and that reproduction is in fact an occasional by-product of human sexual behavior—not its primary purpose. Christopher's talk is not for the easily offended. Come prepared to be challenged and possibly provoked.

Art, Design, and Native Identity in the 21st Century, with Apache Skateboards Founder Douglas Miles

Innovate, originate, skate, sublimate, liberate! Those words guide the work of street artist and filmmaker Douglas Miles and his Apache Skateboards team, all representing the San Carlos Apache Nation of Arizona. As an artist, Douglas seeks to shape new visions for contemporary Native American identity, iconography, and imagery, challenging mainstream depictions of the Native American experience. Committed to inspiring youth on the San Carlos Apache reservation alongside his son, Douglas Miles Jr., Douglas funded Apache Skateboards, a custom brand that sponsors a local skate team, builds and designs custom gear, and curates art and events. This workshop will have you designing and painting your own skateboard while Douglas and Douglas Jr. discuss the challenges of building a unique brand in a competitive market and the realities of being a Native American in the the 21st century. The hosts ask that you discard all preconceived notions about Native America in this culturally unique workshop.

Understanding Psychedelics in Ancient Civilization, with Graham Hancock and Carmen Vicente

Many of the greatest civilizations of the past, from ancient India, Egypt, and Greece all the way to the Americas, enshrined the use of psychedelic plants and fungi as sacred practice. These civilizations found immense value in the visions and life-changing experiences generated by this practice. Likewise, many of the tribal and hunter-gatherer cultures that endure in the world today employ shamanistic techniques of ecstasy, often involving psychedelic plants, and regard these practices as essential to the healthy functioning of society. In this session, bestselling author Graham Hancock and Ecuador-based medicine woman Carmen Vicente will explore this rich history while also examining the effects of the present-day criminalization of psychedelics. Attendees will be challenged to consider the potential benefits of altering consciousness in safe and nurturing spaces and how demonizing psychedelics can create a profoundly negative path of separation both from spirit and from nature.