Summit at Sea
November 9-12, 2016



In partnership with our nonprofit, the Summit Institute, this year we have created a number of opportunities for you to take what you learn and experience at Summit at Sea and turn it into tangible change in the world.

Each of the impact actions is directly connected to content sessions developed for this voyage.


Blockchain for Social Good

The Summit Institute convened a group of technology and social impact experts in April 2016 to investigate the ways in which blockchain technology might play a major role in global progress for all. The ever-evolving platform has given rise to new currencies and accounting methods, and, unfortunately, some nefarious activity. It unlocks the capacity for a wide array of safe transactions for anyone with basic internet access.

As a follow-up to our April Lab event, we are gathering another group of top minds and new thinkers in the blockchain, fintech, social-good, and international-aid fields. We will hear from Summit Community members who are at the cutting edge of the field, as well as the winner of a special HeroX Prize, on how we can allow our interconnections to be a secure source for economic and social development.


Is Your Website Accessible?

There are more than 56 million Americans (over 18 percent of the population) who have some kind of disability—and they might want to buy what you are selling. One barrier, according to disability-rights leader Haben Girma, who was the first deafblind graduate of Harvard Law School, is that they can’t see or read about what you’re selling on your website!

Haben has taught us that this potential market can be better served if we simply follow the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines on our websites (and in our offices). We want to encourage Summit at Sea attendees to learn how to include Americans with differing abilities and to commit to implementing these guidelines wherever possible.


Providing Aid to Middle Eastern Refugees

The refugee crisis bleeding out of the Middle East into neighboring lands is heartbreaking and complicated. Thankfully, there are incredible humanitarian groups that are helping to provide triage and care to our fellow humans on the move.

To acknowledge this migration, we will be highlighting and supporting the great work of Team Rubicon Global (TRG), the global veteran disaster relief organization, and its first aid telemedicine partnerships, along with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). TRG and UNICEF will give demonstrations—on Veterans Day itself—about how they provide aid to people as they arrive in foreign lands.


Support Gender Diversity

Inspired by the work of gender diversity activists, Summit is committed to making the ship experience itself more friendly to all people. We want to encourage our community to follow our lead by converting bathrooms at your business or office building to gender-neutral. You can pick up gender-neutral bathroom stickers in the Swag Room, and we encourage you to use them and send us photos of change in action.