Summit at Sea
November 9-12, 2016
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Summit Impact


Our mission

The Summit Institute’s mission is to apply creative solutions to real-world challenges related to the environment, education, the arts, health and social innovation.

We focus our efforts around expanding art access, conserving our land and water, and convening a diverse lineup of events to foster social innovation.  

We work closely with Summit Series to create impact from Summit events and community and with Powder Mountain to bring leading thinkers to the beautiful mountains of Eden, UT.


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2015 Impact

During last year’s Summit at Sea, the Summit Institute spearheaded “the Future of the Oceans” programming along with the Summit Oceans Steering Committee. Presentations for innovative solutions to help our oceans were made by The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, Oceans Unite, Schmidt Ocean Partners, the Walton Family Foundation, and National Geographic.

Each of the committee organizations brought a cutting edge ocean solution to be showcased to SAS, attendees and through the Summit Institute Arts program, we partnered with ocean advocacy art collaborative, PangeaSeed, to create displays for the projects.  


After judging from SAS attendees, we awarded a $50,000 prize to The Nature Conservancy for their Fish Face project. 


The pilot of the FishFace technology will offer low-cost assessment of fish stocks, which is couched within a larger Conservancy strategy to design a framework for fisheries assessment and management of data-poor fisheries.


2016 Impact

This year, Summit Institute will continue to expand its collaborative offering of social impact projects and events to be featured at Summit at Sea. 

Click below for our growing lineup of Impact projects that will be incorporated into our programming on the boat and in Miami.