Summit at Sea
November 9-12, 2016



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This year’s culinary program’s ambitions stretch well past the center of the plate. This year, we aim to nourish your mind, body, and soul. We have gathered more than 40 world-class culinary partners to ensure the community is fueled for the day ahead, engaged in incredible family-style dinners and energized for the night ahead. While our focus is serious, our playful side will be in effect—be on the lookout for late-night pop-ups and surprising moments all through the day and night.  

Our culinary lineup includes celebrated chef-designed family-style dinners, breakfast and lunch superfood bars, afternoon doses of organic, grass-fed Brodo bone broth, and alchemist ice cream. All our ingredients have been carefully selected for their quality, provenance, and flavor. Never before has a ship of this size taken on the task of sourcing all grass-fed, organic beef, antibiotic- and hormone-free meats, all organic produce, and locally caught, sustainable fish. We’re putting all of our resources into making your Summit at Sea experience a nourishing one of discovery, substance, and pleasure.

Selection of culinary offerings


A Taste of Tulum with the Real Coconut

The Real Coconut Cafe is dedicated to a health-and-wellness philosophy based on using plants as paramount to optimum well-being. Enjoy gluten-, grain-, dairy-, and refined-sugar-free smoothies, pancakes, quesadillas, and tacos.

Family-Style Dinners in Various Locations

These five-course family-style dinners are designed to foster community, engage the senses, and create lifetime friendships. Marco Canora, Carla Hall, Nyesha Arrington, Jesse Barber, Georgia Pellegrini, the Sussman brothers, and many more have come together to create meals and moments you will not forget. Wines selected by Master Sommelier Dustin Wilson of Verve Wine.

The Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate Making

This hands-on class will teach you how to make raw chocolate from scratch, including various vegan, paleo, and even sugar-free chocolates that help you burn fat and improve cognitive function. You will also learn how raw chocolate differs from normal commercial chocolate. This program is suitable for beginners as well as advanced chocolate makers, teaching you to understand how each ingredient works and how you can work with it.


Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream

Ice cream alchemist Nick Morgenstern brings his American ice cream parlor to Summit at Sea. Enjoy off-the-wall flavors like Burnt Honey Vanilla, Strawberry Pistachio Pesto, and Black Coconut Ash.



The Fat Radish and TYME Fast Food

Refuel with the The Fat Radish. Featuring a buffet with local ingredients gathered in Salads, Sandwiches, Quiches and Sweets. TYME, the newest creation from the guys behind The Fat Radish, offers healthy fast food for on-the-go.



You Say Tomato, with Sam Kass

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Former White House chef, senior policy adviser for nutrition policy, and founding executive director of the Let’s Move! campaign, Sam Kass will discuss the severity of America’s food waste problem and serve an inspired dish composed solely of scraps that were otherwise meant to be thrown away.


Ed and Bev's Slider Diner

Michigan-style sliders prepared by the Sussman brothers, paired with boozy milkshakes from Nick Morgenstern.


Brodo’s Bone Broth

Enjoy an assortment of chicken, beef, and house “Hearth” broths from Marco Canora. These delicious craft broths are deeply flavorful and packed with nutrients and protein.



Fuel Up! with MatchaBar

Matcha for the masses, served by the New York City hot spot MatchaBar. Enjoy classics like iced matcha lattes or reimagined recipes like watermelon-basil matcha and pear matcha.


Fresh from Miami! Jugofresh

Jugofresh is your one-stop shop for cold-pressed juices, smoothies, food, and good vibrations. Made fresh daily with high integrity and mad love.



Sunrise Ichiju-Sansai (Traditional Japanese Breakfast) with Carolina Santos-Neves

Enjoy a traditional Japanese breakfast of roasted fish, rice, tamago, and pickled vegetables prepared by Carolina Santos-Neves,while you take in the rising sun from the 19th deck.


Vegan Bounty with Beaming

Beaming is a gourmet superfood company focused on how plant-based foods heal and transform. Nourish yourself throughout the day with smoothies, porridge bars, salads, and the famous Ultimate Beaming Cookie!