Summit at Sea
November 9-12, 2016

Beyond Corn and Soy


We live in a moment of increasingly inconvenient truths: Our agricultural practices are intensifying climate change. Our eating habits are making us sick. The beauty products we slather on our bodies are toxic. We keep searching for solutions at eye level, when the answers are right under our feet.

Beyond Corn and Soy presents a restorative path to equilibrium, taking you on a journey from seed to plate that begins in the the soil microbiota and passes through the innovative farms that are pioneering an alternative approach. Earth mothers will summon ancient wisdom, and experts will expose the ingrained principals that are destroying us. With their guidance, we will create a new covenant with the planet and one another. Nature and her systems are calling. Will you answer?

Snapshots of Select Beyond Corn and Soy Sessions


Faith in Food: Why Knowing the Truth About What We Eat Is the First Step of a Revolution with Kimbal Musk

The great challenge—and opportunity—in the food industry comes down to trust. Not so long ago, marketing departments could use dollars to drive opinions of food brands, regardless of the underlying authenticity. In the Internet age, consumers have instant access to information that reveals the realities of how products are sourced and distributed. The result: processed-food sales are collapsing in grocery stores across the country. Kimbal Musk, co-founder of the Kitchen, a family of businesses working in tandem to bring affordable #realfood to everyone, will discuss how farmers, consumers, and companies demand and deliver trust in real food and get healthier, more sustainable meals on our tables. 


Project Drawdown: Engaging the World in the Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, with Paul Hawken

Scientists have done an extraordinary job calculating the math on what will happen if we do not act to mitigate global warming. However, the math has not been done on the comprehensive array of highly effective solutions currently being implemented. Legendary environmentalist and entrepreneur Paul Hawken convened 200 researchers, businesspeople, students, activists, and others to do just that. They mapped, measured, and modeled a path to reverse global warming based entirely on solutions that are already scaling. Hawken will presents results that are going to surprise and startle everyone, then, along with Allison Wolff, Drawdown’s Chief Community Builder, will lead a workshop that goes deeper into the use cases for Drawdown and enlists your help to develop strategies for  engaging corporations, NGOs, governments, and citizens around the world in getting humanity to truly draw down.


We Are All Flint: Why Erin Brockovich's Plan for Confronting Our National Water Crisis Starts with You

It’s not just in Flint, Michigan: six million Americans are drinking unsafe levels of chemicals in their water right now. Renowned, results-oriented cage-rattler Erin Brockovich explains why finding the superhero inside ourselves is the only way to take on this insidious national crisis and other public health problems hiding in plain sight.

Is Sugar the New Tobacco? A Conversation with Laurie David and Dr. Mark Hyman

With 70 percent of American adults considered overweight, obesity is the public health crisis of our era. Sugar, a pervasive ingredient in not just our sweet treats but in almost everything Americans eat, is a major cause. But sugar is also linked to broader social ills, from health-care costs to food injustice to environmental degradation. Two experts—physician and bestselling author Dr. Mark Hyman and activist, author, and Fed Up producer Laurie David—will engage us in real talk about the new habit we collectively need to kick.


Gut Check: Cultivating Healthy Microbes in the Soil and in You

For every human cell in your body, there are about ten resident microscopic creatures known as microbes that call you “home.” These microbes live and grow in soil; we ingest them when we consume plants. They perform essential functions like digesting food and synthesizing vitamins, and their success in doing so can dictate our mood, behavior, and overall health. Legendary soil scientist Elaine Ingham explains that by using pesticides and inorganic fertilizers, which kill beneficial organisms on plant surfaces and in soil, human agriculture has caused the extinction of full microbiota species, both in the earth and in our guts. Gastroenterologist and microbe expert Robynne Chutkan will explore how medical and lifestyle practices decimate the microbiome and create disease. In this session, you’ll learn about life in the soil, how it works, and how we need to maintain it in order to keep our civilization healthy, as well as how to rewild our digestive tract for disease prevention.


Ecofeminism: A New Term For an Ancient Wisdom

The principles of feminism and the principles of ecology are inherently intertwined. Ecofeminism links the abuse of life-affirming principles in our economic and political structures with the destructive practices of how we treat the earth. By supporting and empowering the feminine, we improve our relationship with the natural world and ourselves. Environmental activists Pandora Thomas and Princess Lucaj guide us in a session that explores the roots of ecofeminist theory and presents strategies and "ways of being" that address the issues of equality and the environment.


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