Summit at Sea
November 9-12, 2016

The Summit at Sea App


The Summit at Sea app is your complete program guide.

Use it to explore the full event schedule, culinary programs, art activations, and much more. Stay connected with your fellow attendees by using the messaging feature and attendee directory. 

Please download the app prior to arriving in Miami. 


Edit Your Profile

Upon logging in, we recommend updating your profile information so attendees can learn more about you.  You can also update your Privacy Settings here, to determine how others can message you.

Create a Meeting

Schedule a time and place to meet with specific people aboard the ship.

Send a Message

Stay connected with your friends and fellow attendees through in-app messaging.

Get Help

If you are having trouble logging in to the Summit at Sea app, or have any other questions about the use of the app, please contact our tech help desk using the form below.

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